Everyone loves zip lines, and that’s why Arbraska includes them in every one of our treetop challenge game courses! Not only can you cross 25 zip lines, but each of our parks also features either a giant zip line or a zip line course featuring one zip line after another where you can reach speeds of over 45 k/h! With your reservation to climb our challenge game courses, you will have access to all the zip lines for which you meet the age, height and ability requirements.


Looking for a fun and original activity to do outside, but not a big fan of heights? If so, a GPS Rally is just the thing for you! Whether you are with your family, looking for a team building activity, or some competitive fun with or against your friends, come have a great time doing our treasure hunt 2.0!

Navigate the forest with the help of a GPS unit, search for waypoints that have been carefully hidden, and solve wacky riddles along the way.

The rally takes about 2.5 to 3-hours depending on how fast you find all the waypoints and solve the riddles. GPS Rallies feature between 20 and 30 riddles strategically hidden throughout the forest.



If you have any question or if you would like to make a reservation, please contact:

Michael Giguère

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